Happy Valentine’s Day

Anyone who has ever seen my blog knows I love Valentine’s Day. It’s my most favorite holiday, because I like mushy stuff…and the candy. VD candy is the best.

This year I have a bit more to celebrate than previous years.

I’m engaged to a friend and writer, who I met for the first time in person at Liberty Con last year.

We plan to attend Liberty Con again this year. It will be our honeymoon.

We might even get to spend some time together while at Liberty Con.

I won’t hold my breath though, because I’m an attending professional and he has stuff he wants to do other than follow me around.

So, how have I gotten to celebrate this year?

By spending three hours on Monday in an ER holding a kitchen towel to a gushing vein to keep it from gushing. Then, cleaning up what looks like a crime scene in my bathroom.

This morning was spent at the docs again finding out that it hadn’t healed and he needs to see a wound care specialist.

I also received a beautiful necklace

View Image #1
Similar to this with a light blue stone







that matches my engagement ring









and will look amazing with my wedding dress (which arrived last Friday).

Arwen Maxi

And last night the church confirmed the wedding date (June 28th)

So as long as he doesn’t end up with Ebola or has to have his leg amputated at the chin…it’s all good.

All of the this and the peopling I’ve had to do for the past few months has taken a toll on my writing and other work.

How anyone does this with a day job and a family is truly amazing.

I’m trying to get my schedule rearranged in order to get back to my lunatic levels of production, but it could be a while.

Planetary Earth is on schedule. Thank goodness I built in a cushion in the timeline or I’d be freaking out right now.

I’m not sure when I’ll have another post up with everything else going on.

I’m off now to tend a sick Valentine who has developed a fever…sigh. He can’t catch a break.

Anyway…Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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