Signal Boost — Nth Degree has moved to Patreon

Nth Degree is not necessarily Superversive–but they are not necessarily anti-Superversive either:

Nth Degree is a free online fanzine that has been providing a quality home for new writers and artists since 2002. Now we’re taking Nth Degree to the next level—we’re going to become a paying market. All money will go to the zine’s contributors: half will go directly to the authors and the second half will be held to pay for comics, reviews, artwork, and poetry (with a small amount of the remainder going to cover expenses like print supplies, web hosting, and the occasional bag of Purina Editor Chow).

We will post new fiction every Tuesday and Thursday. Patrons will receive a bonus story every other Saturday that will not be immediately posted to our website. These bonus stories will include sneak peeks at the next issue of the zine, old stories with new artwork, and exclusive content that hasn’t been posted before. Every couple of months we will collect our best stories from Patreon into a new issue. You can check us out online at

Since 2002, we’ve published fiction, poetry, and non-fiction from authors like Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Mike Allen, Stephen L. Antczak, Rob Balder, Alex Bledsoe, rich brown, Warren Buff, Tom Doyle, Chris Garcia, C.J. Henderson, Jack Jeffers, Susan Lange, James Maxey, Ron McClung, Tee Morris, KT Pinto, Lawrence M. Schoen, James R. Stratton, Patrick Thomas, Michail Velichansky, Robert E. Waters, Bud Webster, and many more.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to work with talented artists like Alan F. Beck, Taylor N. Bielecki, Randall M. Ensley, Brad Foster, Erica Henderson, Denny E. Marshall, Julia Morgan-Scott, Mike Phillips, Billy Tackett, S.C. Watson, Doug Welsh, J. Andrew World, and Frank Wu.

From the beginning this has always been a fan-driven project. Nth Degree could never exist without fandom; thank you for taking this journey with us.

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