The Problem of the Scold

Right now those of us on the cutting edge of the coming revolution in the entertainment field face a very thorny problem: We are scolds.

Brian Neimeier has – correctly, in my view – pointed out that we should simply be refusing to see films and shows written by people who hate us and that direct their hate at us.

So no Star Wars. No Star Trek. It is looking increasingly likely that Marvel movies are just about done. Television? Forget it, pretty much. Netflix, the exceptions are few and far between. Should we be supporting Netflix anyway?

Occasionally a genius like Brad Bird or Christopher Nolan will buck the trend, but for the most part we are in a position where we essentially just need to drop Hollywood completely, drop the mainstream publishing industry (but you already knew that), drop most of Netflix.

And no matter what arguments we make, people simply won’t do that. You know how many people I tried to talk out of “The Last Jedi”? How many of them listened to me?


Or “Star Trek”?


How many people do you think I’ve talked out of Facebook?


Instead do you know what happens?

They get annoyed at me. I’m a killjoy. I’m a wet blanket. I see politics in everything. I’m ruining their fun. And of course, in a sense, they are exactly right. Nobody wants to hear me bash “Frozen”, because it will ruin the movie for them. And they like the movie!

I have turned myself into a scold. Many of us have. Nobody likes scolds. We’re negative and we annoy people. And scolding so far has not worked outside of getting people who already agree to clap their hands.

So what is there to do about it?

Well, obviously we can make our own media, and we are in fact doing exactly that. But so far we really only have the resources to do this in the publishing industry, and to a lesser extent the music and video game industry. Most people nowadays prefer movies and shows. “Galaxy’s Edge” is great, but I won’t be able to convince people who watch “Star Wars” to read a book instead. They don’t want a book, they want a movie. I made a case that c

I’m not sure what the answer is except to keep moving forward. Retaking the culture will not happen overnight. The publishing industry is the start, and it is a front we cannot afford to lose, because without it I’m not sure how to move forward.

Keep writing, everyone.