Red-Headed Reading #2: The Element of Transformation

Red-Headed Reading #2: The Element of Transformation

In this episode of “Red-Headed Reading,” we tackle a short story for L. Jagi Lamplighter: “The Element of Transformation.” It’s a brilliant story about love, loss, and all the rest that make up a good Shakespearean classic (as expected from a story based on characters from “The Tempest.”).

If you like the story, pop on over to Amazon and look into “Planetary: Mercury,” the anthology that this book was published from. You’ll see stories from John C. Wright and A.M. Freeman in that book, along with about ten other highly-talented authors!

Planetary: Mercury is the first in a series of themed sci-fi/fantasy short stories that center around the Sol System.

If you want to catch updates on her upcoming novels, anthologies, etc, follow her on Twitter: @lampwright4
And visit to keep up to date on the rest of the Planetary Anthologies as they come out!!!

Editor’s Note: We had a wee problem with the sound recording on this episode. After the intro music, turn your volume up, and about 20 seconds from the end, crank it back down, lest ye blast yer drums tae kingdom come!

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