Coming Soon…#PulpRev Overdrive

If you’ve been a regular follower of mine here on the blog, or on my other social media hangouts, you probably know I am a big proponent of #PulpRev, or the pulp revolution. PulpRev adheres to the philosophy that a writer should be generating new content for their readers on a very regular basis.

Now, some writers like to wail, rend their garments and gnash their teeth online about matters they have no control over (though, one might argue that if they spent less time online doing said wailing, rending and gnashing they might be able to write more than 500 words a day and produce more than one book every two years). Or if certain writers would spend more time writing entertaining stories and less time trying to insert political manifestos into every single thing they say or write. Or if certain writers/bloggers would spend more time creating the content readers are craving and less time trying to get others fired from their jobs or banned from conventions or professional organizations, imagine the kind of stories we could all enjoy.

Last year I released two novels, Escaping Infinity and Endgames, and had a short story published in a Sherlock Holmes anthology. And just for fun I wrote a very tongue-in-cheek holiday novella. Not bad. Four very-well received works in one calendar year.

This year will be even better.

This month alone will see two new releases with my name on them. The first will be the western novel, The Last Lonely Trail, that I co-wrote with Jim Christina and which should be out in about two weeks. At roughly the same time an anthology by Silver Empire Publishing, Secret Stairs, should be out and I have a story in it too, Nothing Ever Happens Here.

And that is just the beginning. As the spring begins I am hoping another anthology will be released, My Peculiar Family, Vol. 2, which will include my story, Spinster’s Manor. Gibson Michaels’ fourth book, Eerie, should be out and I mention it here only because I spent a few months last year finishing it for him after he passed away in September.

By then the floodgates should be open. I have a story in Superversive Press’ Manthology, The Last Hunt, and up to six and possibly seven stories as part of Superversive’s 11-volume, Planetary Anthology series. Earth, Luna, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto (with Neptune a possibility depending on if I can find enough time to finish it) are books that I am either confirmed in or have submitted stories to.

In September a solo full-length novel, When The Gods Fell, should be released with an outside shot at a December release for another full-length novel, Cursed Firstborn, to close out the year.

That is two solo novels, one co-written novel, one assisted novel and up to ten short stories in ten separate anthologies. In one calendar year.

That is PulpRev, baby!

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