Special Offer for Jonathan’ Moeller’s: SILENT ORDER: IRON HAND

Today we  have a treat, a special offer from author Jonathan Moeller, a FREE book promotion for his book SILENT ORDER: IRON HAND from  January 22nd to January 24.

Jonathan Moeller is a bit of a hero in my eyes. He was the first person I know to tread the waters of Indie Publishing. Not only did he dare this new adventure, but he blogged about it, sharing his ups, his downs, and, unlike many, his numbers. Reading about how he went from his first month–with eleven sales–to regularly selling thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of books a month kept me cheering and feeling cheery. When I finally took the plunge myself, he kindly reached out a hand and helped me into the oft rough waters.

Mr. Moeller is still selling strong. Here is a wonderful chance to try his work, if you are not a fan already.


The galaxy is at war, but wars are won and lost in the shadows.

To the galaxy at large, Jack March is a privateer of the interstellar Kingdom of Calaskar and a former Iron Hand commando of the malevolent Final Consciousness. In truth, he is an alpha operative of the Silent Order, the most efficient and feared intelligence organization in human space. When there is a crisis, Jack March is the man to call. 

But there are many forces that wish to enslave or destroy humanity. 

And when a mission leads March to a lawless asteroid space station, he might be the only one left to stop those forces…

Silent Order: Iron Hand Free on Amazon  — Jan 22 to Jan 24.