Pay no attention to that man behind the screen name!

I received a message yesterday from author Jim Hines, relating to the Felapton Flap. It reads:

“Lou – do you have proof of CF’s identity? Right now, all I’m seeing is allegations and accusations, targeting Foz Meadows’ husband without proof.”

I am posting my reply publicly so Hines cannot cherry pick quotes and twist my words. He is partisan and not an honest broker on this subject, but since he asked politely I thought he deserved a reply:

Jim – I had multiple reliable sources give me information regarding his identity. I verified much of the information myself. Of course, I want to protect my sources. Many people are scared of retaliation – a prerogative of the socially privileged and politically protected.

A key source stepped forward when they realized I was self-employed as a small business owner and not subject to retaliation.

I really wouldn’t care except Richard Paolinelli started a new writers group and Felapton jumped his ass without any provocation that I could see. Felapton has become tedious in his smug self-righteousness and has been mocking so-called Sad Puppies for years. There are no more Sad Puppies, but he’s using it as some kind of ethnic slur and attack term.

I stand by my sources, and I rely on the old journalistic standard that if a source insists on remaining anonymous, you must have a minimum of two of them with the same story. That goes back to Watergate. One of the reasons we see so much “fake news” these days is that people will accept a lone anonymous source which cannot be verified. In the case of Felapton, I had three different people who had the same evidence.

Of course, there’s always the possibility it could all a coincidence, but I feel confident enough of my sources to make the information public. Bear in mind, when people screech of libel, that libel is the untruthful imputation of criminal activity. Using a fake name on-line is hardly criminal. Felapton is a snob and a jerk, but hardly a criminal. If being a prick on-line was a crime, well, we would need millions of jail cells.

I would suggest you think about how narrow your world view is and abjure from supporting an on-line bully and harasser.

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