Crowdfunding worth a glance 1/22/18

There’s a blizzard outside, so I’ve got some unspent energy to use on a post instead of the moving stuff or work, which is closed. How much snow? I dread digging out my truck. I dread digging out TO my truck.

Let’s ignore that for now, and look at some cool stuff.

First, I’m going to mention the Arkhaven Comics campaign Vox(and others) put together for Will Caligan, who was fired from Short Fuse Media as an artist for saying a straight guy shouldn’t want to kiss a transgender “woman”. I REALLY wish I could back this, but my money setup is awkward currently. But Vox also posted this nice list of possible adaptations to be done by Will and Chuck Dixon:

Nick Cole (The End of the World as We Knew It)
Peter Grant (Rocky Mountain Retribution)
Lawdog (The Lawdog Files)
Rolf Nelson (The Stars Came Back)
Kai Wai Cheah (Flashpoint: Titan)
Rawle Nyanzi (Sword and Flower)
John C. Wright (Swan Knight’s Son)

Another one that’s late in the campaign that will be great value is the Spring/Summer Cirsova subscription .  It’s got Dominika Lein, Abraham Strongjohn, Nathan Dabney, Donald Jacob Utivlugt, and possibly more of James Hutchings’ My Name is John Carter. Give the man a buck for digital!

Now for some games.

Scott Almes is going into the overtrod theme of zombies with Tiny Epic Zombies. That said, the game is relatively inexpensive, and ITEMeeples are cool. Also, there tends to be a lot of game in those little boxes, and this one’s got five game modes built in.

Like resource management, and wish deckbuilders did more? Well, Seize the Bean might have what you want. Upgrade your coffee shop, attract more customers, and avoid bad reviews.

Most music games have nothing to do with music. Re-Chord uses actual guitar chords in play, and has secret goals, chord creation(for a version of contract fulfillment), and might get some folks into it just because they know guitar.

Break out the Queen soundtrack, and prepare for the Quickening. Highlander: the Board Game might be another game with mild mechanics from this company(they also did Labyrinth, and a My Little Pony RPG), or it might be a surprising take on player elimination. You can likely wait to find out.

Dark Flight Games has a Tokyo Games trilogy. There’s a train game, a dexterity real time game about building small houses, and a game set with lots of rules for a pop bottle and vending machine set of pieces, with rules for everything from stock market game to a dexterity game.

Western Legends is a game about choosing which side of the law to be on and building your legend. Some of the board locations have options that further these choices, and the playing cards function as poker cards and as action cards.

While I’m not a fan of boardgames that require apps, UBOOT might fill the spots that can make it work really well. This looks like it might be a reasonable cross between the tow, with the app generating hazards and events as well as providing atmospheric sounds.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the new edition of Triplanetary. This is definitely for old school gamers, and doesn’t look to have any graphics upgrade(not a big deal to some, but others will be turned off by them). Personally? I have no experience with it, and would have to see it played.

Now, I have plenty to say on the John Carter RPG. But, I think it’s enough that I might say it in another post.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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