Anthology Man!

What a strange year 2017 became for my writing schedule. When I released Escaping Infinity last year – almost to the day as a matter of fact – I would not have believed what I was going to wind up writing.

I knew I was going to finish the Jack Del Rio series, which I did when I released Endgames on Oct. 30th but I figured my next project after that release would be my next sci-fi/fantasy novel – When The Gods Fell. Well as the year progressed those plans went right out the window.

I wound up writing a third Sherlock Holmes pastiche – The Misplaced Mystery Writer – for this anthology, Sherlock Holmes Adventures in the Realms of H.G. Wells by Belanger Books, which was released in December. This was followed by Spinster’s Manor which was accepted for My Peculiar Family Vol. 2 (Belanger Books) which soon be released soon.

Then it got really crazy. The passing of my friend, Gibson Michaels, led me to taking on the project of finishing his fourth book, Eerie. This I only recently finished and it is in final editing with a release date in the spring.

Then there was taking on editing one of the 11-book series (the nine planets, the Sun and the Moon) of Superversive Press’ Planetary Anthologies, Pluto, while writing six short stories (I finishing the last one up this week) that have either been accepted or are still being considered for the series. Another Superversive anthology, Manthology, will also have a story written by me, The Last Hunt.

And lest I forget, somewhere during all of that I also managed to write a short story, entitled Nothing Ever Happens Here, for Silver Empire’s soon-to-be-released Secret Stairs anthology.

And because I apparently have no life beyond my keyboard, I also co-wrote a western novel, The Last Lonely Trail, with acclaimed western novelist Jim Christina as well as a satirical parody of Charles Dickens’ classic, A Zombie Christmas Carol.

For those of you trying to keep score, that’s a two co-written novels, a standalone novella and ten short stories for anthologies that were not on my radar until about midway through 2017. So just call me Anthology Man – well, at least for this year.

This rundown of 2017 is what we mean by the hashtag #PulpRev. Keep writing, keep generating stories and keep giving readers new content on a regular basis.

And as for certain authors who have been lamenting their inability to write a single word because of who occupies the White House for nearly the last two decades all I can say is this: When you refuse to incorporate politics, religion and social justice into every facet of your daily life it is amazing what you can accomplish.


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