SFWA has weird standards

It appears that all round affable moderate Jon Del Arroz has had his SFWA membership rejected for vague and unspecified reasons that definitely really and for true have nothing to do with him being a conservative (Which would violate various CA laws). Maybe they don’t like Hispanics, who knows?

What surprises me about this is that Cat Rambo, the SFWA president was ok with SFWA’s continued honouring of the sadistic paedophile Marion Zimmer Bradley and known NAMBLA supporter Samuel R. Delany. Couple this with WorldCon’s banning of our same affable moderate Hispanic from attending the whole convention, while they reluctantly gave a convicted paedophile Walter Breen a one day ban. You learn much of the horror story behind some of these SFWA luminaries from Bradley and Breen’s daughter Moira Greyland in here book The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon

So the left wing portion of the SF community is OK with honouring and celebrating paedophiles but moderate Hispanic writers are clearly right out and have no place in the community?

What the hell is wrong with these people and what sort of company do they keep? Are they afraid Jon will turn up to meetings and uncover the paedophiles in their midst and report on it or something? Unless they did ban him for his moderate conservative politics I can’t really think of any other explanation because we have already seen repeatedly that his so called “harassment” consisted of responding to people who publicly attacked him or asking people out to lunch to mend fences.

If you want to support Jon is this trying time, you can find him on twitter at @jondelarroz and you can grab his books from Amazon