The new 30 Days of Night comic: worthwhile or cashgrab?

Admittedly, with only one issue out, it’s a bit early to tell. This is not a new story continuing the original, but a reboot of the story/world. Here’s a post I wrote looking back at the original lightly. So what’s with the new book, is it any different, and any good?

Well, I will start with differences. The new story is definitely written with new details and scenes, so it’s not just new art on the old script. From my reading, I’m guessing the new version will be more filled out than the previous one. Steve Niles is clearly not the same writer he was at the start of the original, and that’s fine, though I will say some of the timing in the new book has me confused.

Now, as to the art differences. WOW, that’s a big change. The first was Ben Templesmith’s impressionist horror in muted colors. The new book? Gotta say I’m not a fan of the art style. It’s well done, but feels like a reality show.

Compare this to the original’s art(I am solely looking at the first story here, not even the other two volumes done with Templesmith, nevermind the others):

Now, the new art doesn’t make it bad, but it does turn me off a bit. And with the original books, I was turned off once Niles and Templesmith weren’t working together. Some of the other artists did fine work, I’m sure, but the combination created something unique and not just another vampire story.

And now, 15 years later, I don’t know if the new one is different or just another story. The art certainly doesn’t make it stand apart, and I’m not yet convinced it isn’t an attempt at a cash grab by Niles and IDW. I’d prefer they instead just work together and return to their roots with all new material personally, though I’ll give the new book another shot at least.

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