Twitter Censorship Exposed

We knew about the active concerted effort to ban conservative voices, but there’s more to it. Many people are also getting shadowbanned, their posts not appearing on feeds. I know a lot of people that no matter what they write their words are hidden in “offensive content” filters. This is how they try to silence us in a much scarier way, as it’s harder to trace. They just force our platforms to die.

An email from this morning:

Olinda Hassan is a Policy Manager for Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team. Her team is responsible for the enforcement of Twitter’s rules and regulation, deciding who and what is allowed to be on the platform. Project Veritas caught her on camera saying this:

PV Journalist: “But how do you keep, like, my timeline… how do you keep certain things off my timeline? People will like retweet people.

Olinda: “We’re trying to down rank it, but you also need to have control of your timeline.”

PV Journalist: I’ve tried to, like block people like Cernovich and stuff like that and mute and stuff like that, but they still show up, like all the time.

Olinda: Yeah. That’s something we’re working on. It’s something we’re working on. We’re trying to get the shitty people to not show up. It’s a product thing we’re working on.”

Facebook does the same. Reddit has done it to me personally (no one can see my posts on there and it’s been that way for a year). This isn’t a twitter exclusive problem, but a free speech issue for the platforms all across the internet.

This ties right into why places like Worldcon want to ban me. They don’t want my ideas circulating because they’re scared of the influence I am already having on reshaping the science fiction publishing industry, just one year into my being on the scene.

Of course, when what I present is a viable, fun, alternative that 87 reviewers on Amazon all love, regardless of their politics, they realize I am a very real threat to the power structures in publishing. You should read the work they’re afraid of here.

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