Injustice Book Review: Vigil by Russell Newquist

Cower not, fierce reader! Today we start this year’s book reviews with a work from our friend Russell Newquist. This work is part of the world of War Demons, but follows instead Peter instead of the lead from that work. Let’s take a look at what might possibly offend the SJW crowd.

First, and most obvious, is the fact that this book is Catholic. While it has a fictional history of part of the Church, it is not nefarious, nor a cause of scandal to the Gospel.

Second, our hero is once again good. Not divided in purpose or will, his devotion to one thing rules all his other interactions. His associates are likewise devoted.

Thirdly, (SPOILER) we have a priest that has fallen into sin and has trouble with repentance. This in itself causes no scandal for the SJW crowd, but two additional facts do: that he still believes enough to refuse to celebrate mass while in the state of sin, and that our hero and his friends call him to repent and take up his vocation again.

Now, as to the action of the story, there’s plenty for the length that it is. There’s really only one fight in two places, but the story takes place over the course of one evening until morning. None of the characters are helpless, though all face challenges too big for just themselves. We even have a great use of a feature of Gothic cathedrals.

If you read War Demons and liked it, don’t wait longer to get this story. If you haven’t read War Demons, you can indeed step into the world via this book, and you won’t be lost. 8 of 10 fell deeds.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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