Comic book Review: Doctor Radar

This work arrive to us in translation from Titan Comics. We face no superheroes or supervillains here, but rather we have a sense of old pulp adventure set in the time just after World War I.

If you’re following or are a part of the PulpRev crowd, this is a book worth looking into. Scientists killed in exotic ways, an amateur detective of renown as a fighter pilot, henchmen playing roles to complete their jobs, and more.

The art is a bit impressionistic, and the story makes wonderful leaps that manage to not jar the reader.  But this goes a long way in demonstrating that good work in comics can avoid capes and tights, and the imagination can be thrilled greatly with old style stories in any medium.

Here’s some pics of the art. I am no photographer, and am just using my computer’s camera.

The story is only two issues long, but leaves plenty of room to return at a later date with another adventure. Titan also advertises a collection out due in April. 
When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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