The 12 Days of Christmas – by A.M. Freeman

On this twelfth and final day of the Christmas season, I present to you my take on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Complete with the supposed theological meanings. Happy New Year all!



A lily among ash am I, within this charred garden’s cold walls. I kneel, my dress of white spread across the blackened ground and yet unmarked by its dust. Silence, oh silence,  my closest companion, accompanying me in prayer, patiently through the ages. I’ve remained this way, since death destroyed this place, and seen the woes and falling of the people. Yet my oil lamp still burns, and my hope and anticipation keep the light bright – matching the light of the star, as heaven came down to earth.


On the First day of Christmas, my true love came to me.

While angels sang he came through my gate, and the earth rejoiced as the people slept. He made a tree grow in my barren grove – a pear tree he placed for me. Upon the branches hung a partridge bird, and from its side water and blood flowed, washing away the ash and revealing snow.


On the Second day of Christmas, my true love came to me.

Two turtle doves he brought, two turtle doves for me. One, aged and wise, sat close to the younger, who stood strong with new life in its eyes. Their songs alone were something to behold, yet when sung together a grander melody did unfold. Where one would finish, the other began, or allude to the beginning again. Though so different, their song was the same, both were singing his name.


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