Forbidden Thoughts and Superversive Love

A year ago, Forbidden Thoughts was released, and swiftly rose to #1 Science Fiction Anthology and #260 Paid in Kindle Store. Its blend of fresh talent breaking into the field and established professionals pleased readers, who hailed it as “brilliant, satirical, sci-fi”, “a must read for independent thinkers”, and, “effectively the 3rd volume of Dangerous Visions“.

It was an exciting time for fans and writers of science fiction. Many people had been waiting for this kind of bold writing to make a come back, and others were delighted to discover this style for the first time. People of all ages, beliefs, and walks of life bought and talked about this book. And with stories that leave you hopeful, frightened, or just make you think, the release of Forbidden Thoughts was a testimony to how fiction can bring people together – in more ways than expected.

For me, the release of Forbidden Thoughts was amazing because it was my very first publication. I wasn’t the only one; much was the same for fellow Forbidden Thoughts author, Pierce Oka. It was the start of our writing careers! What I didn’t know then was it would also be the start of something much bigger.

my forbidden thought
Future Mrs. Pierce Oka. Great fiction brings great people together 🙂

From hilarious to horrifying to dangerously insightful, a selection of stories that must not be told, for they slaughter the sacred cows of our age. Do you dare read them? Forbidden Thoughts, with foreword by Milo Yiannopoulos, is only $4.99 on Kindle.

Happy New Year, everyone!