Moving in winter tips

For my readers who might have to move in winter.

First: Don’t. I am assuming a place with real winter. As in temperatures approaching zero or lower. As in snow and ice making your trips to the vehicle worse.

Second: If you do have to, take breaks. It’s the same kind of health hazard that shoveling snow is, so do a bit, take a break.

Third: Have fun weeding your stuff. I’ve donated hundreds of books to various local places so I don’t have to move them. This only dents my library.

Fourth: If you must move in wither and can afford it, hire people instead. If you can’t recruit friends.

Fifth: Don’t feel bad about just throwing some things away. Some just isn’t worth donating, and won’t sell quickly or easily. Jut eat the loss and keep going.

So, yes, my days have been filled with dropping stuff off, and packing. Oh, and trying to make all the arrangements I need for the moving itself. I get to spend some time today with friends, but already dropped off some books, and will have some packing and sorting to do later.

What fun.

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