Such As These

Trudging through a wintry plain
As toes begin to freeze;
Kind eyes look down from heaven
To watch over such as these.

Disfigured outcasts stumble on,
All ravaged with disease;
Holy hands don’t fear to touch
And make whole such as these.

Abandoned by their former friends,
Despite their desperate pleas;
A well-lined back in heaven knows
The pain of such as these.

Souls wracked with guilt that won’t wash out
And wearying unease;
Scarred hands and feet in heaven show
He died for such as these.

Slandered, beaten for His sake
And forced onto their knees;
A special place in heaven
Is prepared for such as these.

Their race full run, their strength all spent,
Their breath a painful wheeze;
Arms in heaven are stretched out
To welcome such as these.

A loving smile, a sick friend healed,
A fragrant summer breeze;
Foretastes of His heaven are found
In moments such as these.

A child’s unflinching openness,
Trustful and keen to please,
The kingdom of our God must be
Approached as such as these.

  • Unconcord

    Zwycky is on this site? Far out! Also thoroughly reasonable. Thanks to Hoyt, I’ve bought Nobility Among Us, and the “you’re not flying, you’re falling” book, and the book of poems. The latter two I gave to a Little Free Library, but the cadence of the more central moments of the monster poem is still in my head, and I should probably rebuy.

    • Ben Zwycky

      Thank you, rebuying my books is very much appreciated, but if you’d like to add some additional high-quality reading material while reacquiring them, all three monster poems from my second poetry book, Selected Verse: Heroes and Wonders, have been reprinted in various venues: “The Beast” is in Tales of the Once and Future King (an absolutely awesome book. far more than a simple anthology):

      “For Science!” is in Astounding Frontiers Issue 5 and “Stranded” is in Astounding Frontiers Issue 6.

      I’m actually one of the founding members of this site, but haven’t been that active of late, most of my time being taken up by behind-the-scenes work for Superversive Press.