Appendix N Review

INJUSTICE GAMER looks at Appendix N.

Injustice Book Review: Appendix N by Jeffro Johnson

Cower not, fierce reader! Today we cover a tome of rediscovery. As most of my readers likely know, Jeffro engaged himself with a quest to read through the Appendix N list in the original Dungeons and Dragon DM Guide. His original posts at Castalia House were good, and he garnered  a Hugo Nomination for Best Related Work for his efforts.  This book is hard to review, as it’s so closely tied to its material, so I’ll drift a bit in my points.

First, let me start by saying this was in many ways a HUGE project. Even reading close to the minimum for the project, he still covered 43 essays, with a focus on tabletop rpg content. What he found was, in many ways, startling to most of us not reading SFF before the purges of the 70’s and 80’s.

The essays have been edited some, though there are remnants of the origins as blogposts here and there, mostly in the occasional endote(per essay, thankfully). They have definitely improved by this time and care, as the passion has been more measured here. I do remember reading some of the original posts and thinking “this guy’s too excited”, and I still sometimes get that feeling reading his twitter feed, or hearing him on a podcast. I don’t fault the man’s passion, but for a broader audience I’d recommend it measured out a bit, as the topic nears esoteric for most people reading SFF.

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