I Am A Moron or How I Lost My Entire Email List In One Easy Step

Yup. It’s true.

I completely deleted my email list by accident.

A few months ago, Mailchimp did a bunch of changes to their system. The removed the automatic double opt-in. I ignored this little detail thinking it was no big deal.

Then earlier this week the bots hit. I had nearly 250 bot sign-ups. Why? Who knows.

Anyway, I went into to Mailchimp to clean them out. For whatever reason, maybe because I’m cursed, the screen didn’t update so what I thought I was deleting wasn’t what I was actually deleting.

And as usual I wasn’t paying attention until all of a sudden I had zero in my list. Yet there were still signups showing up on my screen.

I refreshed and poof they were gone.

I can go back in and manually enter addresses for those people I sent the last newsletter to, but I have no way of knowing who has signed up since then, nor do I know who has unsubscribed from the list.

It’ll be a pain and time consuming to put all of those addresses back in, but I deserve it for not saving the entire list before I started deleting.

After I lost all of my contacts, I went back and set the signups to double opt-in and at Captcha protection as well.

The moral is, don’t be a moron like me. Check your Mailchimp settings and prevent bots from taking over your list.

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