MAGA 2020 & Beyond review by Tempest in a Teardrop

Trying to find a good Christmas present for a red-pilled, conservative teenage boy of your acquaintance? MAGA 2020 and Beyond would make a fun treat.

I should add that normally I download a sample to be sure that formatting and other structural issues don’t make it too hard to read, or that the author’s writing style appeals to me. To give credit where credit is due, this reviewconvinced me to go ahead and grab an e-book copy straight away. Right now the collection is priced at 99 cents, and your story-reading-pleasure value (including some great new authors) for cashy-money expended can’t be beat.

So,  what’s funny-colored, brash, eclectic, and surprisingly excellent value?

Our 45th President. And also Maga 2020!

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