Injustice Gamer reviews The Gravity of the Game

A review of Superversive Press’s The Gravity of the Game by Injustice Gamer:


I’ll just shill this: Gravity of the Game by Jon Del Arroz

Cower not, fierce reader!

My good friend Jon Del Arroz released  a new novella a couple of days ago. I was most fortunate in being one of the early readers, due to a conversation at a convention. He didn’t really think it would work, but both Russel Newquist and I encouraged him. We thought it sounded cool, putting baseball on the moon. Quick point: neither Russell nor I care for sports.

Thankfully, an appreciation of baseball is not needed for this story. In many ways, it evokes a lot of the feel of some of the better movies involving baseball. That is, the love of the game and what it means to the people that care about it is tangible.

Jon has don some posts online about how the book has no action, sex, or swearing. This is true. It is not an action filled conflict with a space princess to save. This story is instead, tender and compassionate. There is a measure of political conflict, and well portrayed as a struggle between groups of owners, overall management, and players.

Oh, yeah, if somehow you haven’t seen it, it has this beautiful cover: