Call for Submissions – Planetary Anthology – Uranus

Theme: rebirth and new beginnings

Superversive Press is looking for contributions to the Uranus edition of the Planetary Anthology. Stories should be between 3,000 and 7,500 words. Stories should center on themes of rebirth and new beginnings in the broadest sense possible. Interpretations can range from rebirth of a character or a new beginning on a new world, to spiritual, philosophical, and theological ideas. These themes need not be specifically part of the plot, just part of the story.

Science fiction and fantasy in any of the traditional forms will be considered. I am looking for stories that speak to heroic aspects of man. I’m looking for stories of man as he can be, not as he all too often is. We were meant for more than office work, paying bills, and Facebook posts. Make your stories speak to the reader’s soul. Make the reader yearn for the life that he ought to live. Make him see reality through the lens of the beautiful.

Cut off date for submissions is February 1, 2018. The date may be extended depending on quality of submissions.

Send submissions to: [email protected]