The Perfect Publisher — thoughts from Kairos

Dragon Award-winning author Brian Niemeier shares some fascinating ideas on the state of publishing and things to come:


The Perfect Publisher

Ebooks are here to stay. Amazon enjoys overwhelming dominance among book retailers. Indie has matured into the preferred publishing model for authors.

These developments, among many that have turned the book industry upside down in recent years, are widely known. Yet publishers, and even most indie authors, continue to employ obsolete practices that no longer make sense in the post-analog publishing world.

The other day I was conversing with a friend and reader about how Leftist authors get ample support from converged publishers and media outlets, while non-Leftists must largely go it alone. Yet these converged institutions are almost entirely wedded to the dying trad publishing model.

We agreed that a more effective support structure for dissident authors of speculative fiction  was needed. Soon we started brainstorming about what a publishing company designed to take maximum advantage of the current industry landscape would look like.

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