Science Blast: Infinite Energy After All?

Scientists discover that a property of new super-material graphene may possibly be harvested to produce endless energy…and it can be made out of carbon emissions!

The natural wave-like movements of carbon atoms in graphene could turn the material into a potentially...

Could graphene ripples be tapped into as a clean, limitless energy source? 

 November 23rd, 2017

As if graphene wasn’t versatile enough already, researchers at the University of Arkansas have now found a way for the two-dimensional material to be used as a source of clean and potentially unlimited energy. By tapping into the random fluctuations of the carbon atoms that make up graphene sheets, the scientists can generate an alternating current strong enough to indefinitely power a wristwatch.

Graphene is a lattice of carbon just one atom thick, and its incredible strength and conductivity of electricity and heat mean it might soon start cropping up in everything from light bulbs to dental fillingsmicrophonesmotorbike helmetswater filterssmartphone screens and even heat-dissipating shoes

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