A New Release For Christmas

The Spirits of Christmas – Past, Present and Future – have taught important lessons when visiting mortal man, lessons that softened the heart of Ebeneezer Scrooge. But what if their lessons had fallen upon deaf ears and a heart so hard it could crush diamonds?

Old Micah Lyre has such a heart and the three Spirits are summoned to Larkadea by legendary gossiper Hedda Hopper in order to try to reclaim Lyre before it is too late. Throughout the night they travel through the shadows of Lyre’s life, hoping to redeem one more lost soul by teaching it the meaning of Christmas and good fellowship toward all.

Will Lyre learn the lessons they teach and take them to heart? Or will he deny their lessons and allow the darkness lying deep within his heart to trigger a dreadful worldwide Zombie Apocalypse?

This tongue-firmly-in-cheek adaptation of the Dickens’ classic can be yours for just $0.99. That’s right, enjoy a little holiday spirit horror for less than a buck:

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