November’s Publishing Parade

Here’s what came out this month from Superversive Press, Castalia House, Silver Empire Press and authors of the CLFA.

Superversive Press

In Issue #5 of Astounding Frontiers we bring you more of the pulpy goodness
More pulpy goodness with stories from Julie Frost and Brian Niemeier as well as continuing serials from Ben Wheeler and Corey McCleery and a new serial, Hard Moon, from David Hallquist.
When otherworldly forces conspire against those she loves, Rachel Griffin must face her most desperate hour. This on top of winter fairies, lost friends, undeniably attractive older boys, and, oh, a rampaging ogre.
MAGA 2020 & Beyond tells the tales of a prosperous future where evil is defeated, the border wall is built, society has righted itself, space exploration is common and world peace has been attained.
It is said that King Arthur will return in Britain's hour of greatest need. That time is coming.

Castalia House

Bishop Thomas Cranberry finds himself at a loss when he is confronted by a thief and realizes some disturbing truths about himself.

Silver Empire Press

Psychics, time travel, gods, and sci-fi battle angels.


In a near-future dystopia, Jeff Hammer, airborne mercenary turned tenement guard, starts a free-market revolution.
Evelyn Adamsen grew up knowing she had to hide her psychic abilities. Then the U.S. Army Air Corps came calling.
When California declares independence, their dreams of socialist diversity become nightmares for many from the high Sierras to the Central Valley. Follow the lives of those who must decide whether to stand their ground, or flee!
When a ghostly curse of vengeance born from broken hearts starts killing men on Halloween, psychic Ariana Ryder’s going to have to face her own past to stop it… because it’s just set its sights on her boss.
A near future totalitarian regime creates a human weapon, only he’s not so sure he wants to be their errand boy.
A breakthrough in nanotechnology could bring repeat offense crime to an end, but can the ends justify the means if it takes a crime to make it a reality? Two lab techs and a petty criminal must outwit a brilliant but sociopathic scientist who’ll stop at nothing to establish his legacy as the man who ended crime.
The second and third books of the Childers Trilogy in one volume: Colony War and Galactic Mail.
The first day of the war to liberate Occupied Earth! Follow up to the Dragon Award nominated Invasion: Resistance.
Picadilly is one of those towns where things go bump in the night.