Quick Movie Reviews: Dead Men Tell No Tales and The Guardians

First up is the fifth film in the Pirates of the Carribean franchise. I loved the first film. It was creative, it had a solid plot and the actors worked well together. Since that movie my satisfaction with the films has sunk.

While Dead Men Tell No Tales was beautifully done, it was boring. The romance subplot was about the only thing that kept me watching the movie. Depp was all over the place with his character. It was like he was trying to hard to be funny.

I think Disney banks on the popularity of the first movie to keep the franchise going rather than making sure the subsequent movies are just as fun as the original one. Sadly, if they come out with another one, I think I’ll pass.


The second movie is The Guardians which is a B grade Russian superhero movie. For what it lacked in quality (the dubbing was terrible) and a coherent plot, it made up for in special effects and fun. I think i would have liked it better with the original sound track with English subtitles rather than the dubbing, but after a while, you don’t notice the very American voices.

This movie I would watch again.


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