MAGA 2020 & Beyond News & Reviews

PJ Media wrote up a nice article about MAGA 2020 & Beyond today. Emphasis is mine.

Have you ever wondered what events await you in a post-2016 election world? Have you imagined what making America great again will actually look like? A group of conservative and libertarian fiction writers has done it for you. MAGA 2020 & Beyond is an anthology published by Superversive Press that includes a collection of short stories and essays by a wide variety of thinkers sure to delight any reader not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). From Barron Trump’s escapades in a military “Trump Mech” suit to stopping zombie invaders at the completed border wall to a dystopic future in Canada where reparations are taken from your account by street police if you offend a minority, MAGA 2020 & Beyond is what winning looks like in book form. Read more

We’ve also gotten several nice reviews on Amazon.

This was a varied, entertaining, and thought provoking collection. The highly readable stories convey an upbeat, can-do message- namely, to Make America Great Again (MAGA). I especially appreciated the humor in several of the pieces. Overall, the stories were quite insightful… ~ Amazon Reviewer

Not all of the items in this collection are comedic or even tongue in cheek celebrations of making America great again. This collection includes a few thoughtful pieces as well, but every single one is salve to the souls of those who treasure their red hats and tire of the gloomy Gus writings of the mainstream media. ~ Amazon Reviewer

Finally, a fun collection of speculative fiction short stories and thought-provoking essays for people who want to Make America Great Again. ~ Amazon Reviewer