The Right’s Neglect of Art and Literature

Tonight, I was involved with an interesting twitter exchange that got me thinking about the right’s attitudes towards art, literature and culture.

They claim that they want the culture to change. There are a ton of nonfiction books scolding the society for the state it’s in and ranting about how it needs to change. There are commentators on the radio and television going on and on about how horrible things are today in society. Well, what do they expect?

The Right cannot ignore art and literature and then expect the culture to change. Politics alone will not do that. You can’t legislate morality. You have to change society through many different avenues, politics being only one of those.

Yes. Yes. I know the argument. I’ve heard it before. However, laws do not legislate morality, they legislate actions, which some equate with morality. But, they are not the same.

Cussing in front of a lady could land a man in jail at one time. Did not cussing in front of ladies change a man’s idea of the right or wrong of cussing? Of course not. It just punished the behavior. That same man could cuss up a storm when ladies weren’t present.

When you neglect society, eventually, society changed the laws. Which is exactly what has been happening over the past 50 years. We went from a society with cohesive traditional values and work ethic to a hedonistic society where “if it feels good do it” and individuals aren’t responsible for themselves.

So why conservatives think that ignoring culture, art and literature in favor of ranting about politics is going to somehow miraculously change society? They’re daft.

Last year, when I was at the National Diaper Bank Conference in Philadelphia, the keynote speaker talked about influencing moms in regards to caring for their children. She sited statistics that showed fictional television programs did more to change what people do than fact based PSAs. Mom’s emulated their favorite characters on the shows.

Messaging in shows is now a common practice. Watch any television show and you’ll see messaging designed to change your thinking on certain subjects as well as your actions.

Now when that is coming from an ultra liberal, that is a scary thing. The left has been using literature and art for a long time in order to change the direction of society. They have been putting in messaging to change the way you think and act. And it happens without you realizing it.

Feed yourself a steady diet of liberal leaning literature and you’ll soon find yourself agreeing with liberal ideals, whether you want to or not.

Why do you think the shift to supporting gay marriage happened so danged quickly? It was because literature and art were feeding this opinion into the minds of Americans.

Yes, it does sound very much like a conspiracy theory, but it’s not. It’s backed up by years of scientific and advertising research designed original to get consumers to buy certain products.

Contrast today’s liberal leaning, hate everything traditional, literature and art with classic shows from years ago.

Lately, I’ve been watching episodes of Zorro with Guy Williams. I had watched reruns of the show as a child and fell in love with the characters. I decided to look it up online and found some of the episodes on Youtube. Boy was I shocked.

There is a sense of class in the old show that has been long gone in modern TV. And as anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I was impressed that there was a great respect for religion. The newer versions of the legend either eliminate religion completely or use it for comedic purposes with little respect shown.

As a child watching the old shows, Zorro, The Lone Ranger, Rocky & Bullwinkle, I wanted to emulate these types of characters. I wanted to be on the side of good and fight for what’s right.

If we want to return to a society of traditional values and morals, we need to focus on art and literature. We need to bring back the class and the morals that used to be integral in our society. We need to feed the minds with good solid stories, art, television and movies.

If you’re not into the arts, you can still do your part by supporting the advancement of conservative literature and art. Money gets those works out into the world where they can be influential. Heck, just talking about conservative authors and their works would do wonders to help build a solid foundation in which to rebuild the culture from the ground up.

I’m not talking conservative message fiction. I’m talking good stories grounded in conservative values. You don’t need to shove values down people’s throats to pass them on. Just create good stories that people want to read with good characters people want to read about and emulate.

If you need somewhere to start, check out MAGA 2020 & Beyond.

Finally, a fun collection of speculative fiction short stories and thought-provoking essays for people who want to Make America Great Again.” ~ Amazon Reviewer


  • ….who is ignoring it?
    Heck, it’s been known that social liberals try to change things by showing them on TV since I was a kid– it’s part of why we just flatly don’t watch TV unless we already checked the quality.

    We find a show that matches what we like, we tell other folks like us– heck, look at Firefly’s cult following among Libertarians.

    Look how popular Marvel movies are, for that matter.

    Thing is, most of the people making films are liberal– or at least know which side will destroy them for BadThink. Technology is slowly changing that, but it’ll take time… I know Kevin Sorbo (Yes, Hercules, THAT one) is doing a lot of rather good Christian films; PureFlix exists; self-publishing on Amazon is thriving*; e-comics are a really good option…

    The biggest “problem” with social conservatives is that they’re too tolerant. They will, if it comes up, say that you’re wrong…but will still be around you. That is a tactical weakness, even before you consider the range of views on what is acceptable, or the leak of tactics. There isn’t a switch that says SoCon on one side and SoLib on the other, and as it’s the culture, EVERYONE is involved, so they’ve got skin in the game, so it can be quite uncomfortable to examine your views for logical consistency….especially given the incredible human cost involved in many of them. Look at the abortionists who are now pro-life, if you’ve got a strong stomach– imagine the gob-smacking guts it must take to look at your entire life, and go basically: “I was a hit-man.”
    I’m not sure I’d be strong enough to do it, and I know that when people have doubts, they tend to get vicious.

    *Chancy’s Seeds of Blood has one very negative review– basically, pissed off that she didn’t pretend Islam treats everyone like an upper middle-class American would; I buy everything she publishes because she takes faith seriously, and will walk through the consequences, without applying The Author Said So to weigh the scales. I read her blog and am not sure what the heck her politics are!

  • Dawn Witzke

    “Most of the people making films are liberal” No kidding? And why is that? Because the Right hasn’t been doing anything to counter it. How many big publishers will publish right leaning lit? right leaning art? Oh yeah…none. Because the Right has given up in that area.

    There needs to be alternatives to the garbage the left puts out, not just turning off your TV or sticking your head in the sand to avoid the yucky liberal programming. Running away from the problem doesn’t make it go away.

  • As I said in the first comment, it’s because conservatives tend to not destroy the lives of those they disagree with.

    Liberals can, will, and have for years.

    Turning off the garbage, checking around, buying the stuff that comes through is good and spreading the word when something is good is not “running away,” and refusing to buy insulting garbage is not sticking one’s head in the sand.

  • Nate Winchester

    Actually I think the biggest problem may be one of bounty.

    Let me ask this to everyone, not being confrontational.

    But who here has heard of CRTV?

    What about Andrew Klavan’s “Another Kingdom”?

    Is a failure of Dawn’s to list these two examples mean she doesn’t care? I’d say not, the problem is we conservatives need to get a network communicating between us as I could probably bring up a few more projects out there by conservatives that I doubt many around here have heard – and I don’t think it’s because nobody cares.

    (and yes, I think I will try and reach out with Klavan and try to get Superversive to connect with him)

  • xavier

    I commented at Brian’s blog. But to follow up here with another thought: the so called conservatives pretend that they’re soooo pragmatic: building stuff, deal in ‘sciency’ stuff etc that artsy fartsy stuff is for pansies.
    Well no, after a hard day’s work, the last thing I want is to be subjected to a truth and safety committee public confessional a la Cultural revolution. I want to be entertained and moved by truth beauty and the good. Not haranguing to be humiliated for wrongthink