MAGA 2020 & Beyond – The Stories Part 4

Justin Robinson

While Canada suffers under the totalitarian grip of social justice, one man still holds on to the American Dream. But he’ll have to push his body and nerve to the limit in order to chase it.


Cleaning the Rolls by P. A. Piatt

Andy has a new job in the election integrity business and business is great, but what’s the backhoe for?


The New Wall by Molly Pitcher

In the future, Liberal Canada moves so far politically Left people are dying to get out. Meet tough US border patrol agent, Nor. Her mission: to protect the New Wall, a virtual shield that guards the US from Canadian refugees, most of them white, and the dangerous extremists hiding among them.


Insurance For Life by Tamara Wilhite

An innovative variation of life insurance offers new hope …


The Many Faces of Trump by Dawn Witzke

A fifth-grade field trip to the Trump Memorial Library and Golf Course challenges a boy’s opinion about the long dead president.


The Six Grandfathers by Dawn Witzke

Native American spirits return to take back the land that was stolen a century ago from the Sioux Nation.