A Brief Interruption of Your Regular Programming

Recently my sister alerted me to the existence of Storium, a free online game that basically gives rules to the creation of a collaborative novel – you come up with a world, create your characters, and then work together on a story. There are things like challenge cards, subplots, objectives – all the things needed to create a great game. And you can follow along with a game’s progress even without participating – which is entertaining in its own right!

I started a game recently known as “Jenkins’ Renegade Wizards” recently. The concept is inspired by – but not based on – Miyazaki’s version of “Howl’s Moving Castle”. Here is the description:

The kingdom of Velia is a prosperous kingdom, readily embracing new technology and the dawn of a more fast-paced and industrial era.

It is also a kingdom at war with itself.

Both Queen Isabella the Great and King Justianian the Noble claim their sides to be righteous, but the truth is far less certain. The Wizards, men and women who have dedicated their lives to the study of magic and sorcery, have done as ordered: Reported to their rulers and chosen sides in the conflict…or most of them.

The Wizard Jenkins, the oldest wizard in Velia, detests the pointless and barbaric war, and the destruction it inflicts on innocents. Secretly he recruits a group of renegade wizards to aid him in his efforts to protect civilians from harm.

But Isabella and Justinian aren’t ready to cede control of their wizards just yet. And what they have planned next may be more than Jenkins’ Renegades have bargained for. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the dragons…

The “cast” is great and made up almost entirely of professional writers, including me, my brother and sister, Josh Young, Corey McCleery, and David Hallquist. Scene one was only recently posted.

Check it out! Looks like it’s going to be a fun time. Feel free to comment in the lobby.