The Return of Superversive Culture is On All of Us

If there is one thing tying together all of my recommendations for finding the Superversive in existing media, then it is this: the villains are liars, while the heroes seek the truth, and it is in truth overcoming lies that the heroes overcome the villains.

This is something you can do. It’s such a reliable tell that once you see it you won’t unsee it ever, and with that knowledge fixed in your mind you can immediately start filtering out the works that are hostile to creating and sustaining a healthy culture. True culture never lies. That doesn’t mean it’s nice, or pleasing, or easy; the truth is often harsh, upsetting, and difficult. The truth challenges you, and the hero’s struggles to adapt and overcome is a mirror to your own. That’s the value of Superversive media.

And it has to continue being spoken, because the liars and frauds who poisoned the culture never stop. As we enter the shift into the holiday season in the coming weeks, and the consumption of popular media that often is part of family gatherings these days, pay attention to who’s lying and who’s telling the truth in the narratives you witness- and stop engaging those who only lie to you.

Then take the time to not only engage with those telling stories that are true, but spread that word to others seeking alternatives to the monstrous media out there. You need not be a writer, illustrator, musician, editor, or other creative sort to do this; only have the desire to spread the word that works of art and culture that are not degenerate and degrading exist, here and now, and easily available at good prices. Give your time, attention, and money to those who love you- not those who hate you. You cannot help but to benefit from doing so.