More Tales From Facebook

This was written in response to a half-joking comment that the big message of “Star Trek: Discovery” is that wars are all started by mean and dumb people for petty reasons.

It’s funny, because I’m doing my Big Miyazaki Project, and Miyazaki is obviously VERY anti-war.

The thing with Miyazaki is that wars in his works don’t start over “misunderstandings”. They are SERIOUS, and deal with SERIOUS issues, that are difficult to resolve. I just saw “Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind” in theaters, and one of the most striking things about it is that the ostensible villains aren’t the ones who send the Ohmu (giant bug creatures, very dangerous) stampeding towards the Valley of the Wind. It’s the group trying to STOP the villains.

At one point a character frustratedly asks Nausicaa “What do you want us to do? Let them do whatever they want?” Keep in mind that the capital city of this character’s country was just burned to the ground by the villains. It’s a legitimate question!

My point – if you strawman all wars as starting from misunderstandings, pettiness, or anger, it becomes impossible to be truly anti-war, because you’re not respecting any of the very real and very serious issues involved. Miyazaki doesn’t do that, and as a result his movies are very powerful. But leftist claptrap often does.