Science Blast! Every Man’s Dream: To Float A Spider!

Now the great dream of mankind, to float a spider, can finally be realized!

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Using a home-built acoustic levitator, scientists were able to levitate Styrofoam, water, coffee and paper.

Credit: Images courtesy of Asier Marzo © 2017

If you’ve ever dreamed of suspending a spider in thin air or floating an ant in midair (and who hasn’t?), new research has your back.

In a new open-access paper published in the journal Review of Scientific Instruments, researchers from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom lay out the instructions for making an at-home acoustic levitator. The gadget requires a microprocessor called an Arduino (available online) and access to a 3D printer, along with a few other pieces of hardware. The result is a device that uses the pressure of ultrasound waves to “float” tiny objects like water droplets, Styrofoam dots or even insects.

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