A Comment From a Newbie Writer

Here’s an opinion for you:

Keeping in mind that I am using exaggeration for effect here…

Any writer who ever uses the phrase “I don’t want [X group] to be reading my books” deserves to go bankrupt and die homeless.

I mean any group, including (but not limited to) Nazis, commies, SJW’s, both Puppies groups, CHORFs, Morlocks, Vox Day, and John Scalzi.

Here is why:

As authors – not writers, but authors – we are in the business of selling our work. We are trying to make a product that people want to read and will enjoy reading. And as an up and coming author without the luxury of a massive fanbase, I literally cannot afford to insult the people who are forking over their hard-earned money, and taking the time out of their day, to pay attention to something that *I* created. It is a privilege of mine, a dream come true.

It is not a right. I do not have the right to pick my readers, they pick me. I do not have the luxury of calling them racists, or homophobes, or SJWs, or snowflakes, because if I do, I am finished. I will lose my base, and I’ll be grounded before I end up in the air.

Insulting your readers is a privilege for the rich. But for working writers? For the people who are still trying to build a career, who are up until 4 in the morning after they finish their day jobs or their schooling? We can’t do that.

And we shouldn’t do that.

Because WE owe THEM.

And we should NEVER forget that.