For Steam And Country – Now On Kindle Unlimited!

Superversive Press author Jon Del Arroz received a Dragon Award nomination for his debut novel, Star Realms: Rescue Run in the Best Military Science Fictioon or Fantasy category, and as a celebration of that award, we want to make sure to share his writing with as many readers as possible! As of yesterday, For Steam And Country is now available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited, otherwise regularly available via amazon.

Here’s what some incredible authors in the field say about For Steam And Country:

“Witty, charming and downright thrilling!  Del Arroz nails the feel of good old fashioned Steampunkery with wit, aplomb and of course… panache.” – Nick Cole, author of the Dragon Award winner, CTRL ALT Revolt

“FOR STEAM AND COUNTRY is a rousing girl-powered fantasy tale. I thoroughly enjoyed this action-packed airship adventure!” – Laurie Forest, author of The Black Witch

“An action-packed adventure in the spirit of John Scalzi and J.K. Rowling, this is a real page-turner. The plot moves briskly and the characters pop on every page. This is a lot of fun, for a YA or adult reader, and I can’t wait to read the next adventure of Zaira von Monocle!” – Robyn Bennis, author of The Guns Above

PIck up For Steam And Country on Amazon today!