Trumptopia Has Come To Superversive Press

You may have heard about an anthology, titled Trumptopia, being put together by a small publisher in Europe. The stories were to be about a utopian future thanks to our current President, Donald Trump. The stories were to be positive stories.

I was fortunate enough to have one of my stories, which involves a class trip to the Trump Memorial Library in the future, accepted. I’m not a big fan of Trump, however I can write a darn good story and the editor is a friend who I wanted to help out.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, Kathy Griffin’s severed head scandal happens just as the publisher releases the cover for this “positive” anthology. Want to guess what was on the cover? Yup, severed heads in jars.

That caused a bit of an uproar by several of the authors who thought it was a bad idea, myself included. We privately took our objections to the editor who took them to the publisher. I offered to both the authors and the editor to draft a new cover so that the project could move forward. In the mean time, the project was cancelled by the publisher.

In whiplash fashion, Superversive Press picked up the project. But, what to do about the cover?

Here is my draft cover. What do you think? Would you buy a Trump utopian anthology with tales of a fantastical future with this cover? Do you love it? Hate it? Confused by the Russian words? Upset there are no dragons or bikini clad women?

Please put your thoughts in the comments.


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  • BannedbyBreitbart

    While I’m not a fan of THAT cover, it could be cleaned up and perfected. The concept itself is great, er, GREAT … YUUUGE even. And, yes, with all of the kerfluffle about the anthology, I’d buy it.

  • Fred Sebastian

    I think rainbows and unicorns carry very negative connotations today; they’re symbolic of idealistic naiveté.

    • PM

      And surely, traditionally speaking, unicorns are associated with virgins!!!!! I think a dragon would be better. Whether ridden or be killed St George style is left as an exercise for readers/commentors.

      • Dawn Witzke

        Are you saying Trump isn’t a virgin? But, but…

    • Dawn Witzke

      9 year old girls really like them. 😉

  • Vanessa L.

    Personally, If you are going for unicorns and rainbows, I’d want to see the unicorn reared up. It needs action. Make him look like those epic paintings of Napoleon when he was creating republic. Needs more “‘Murica, duck yeah!” But it’s a good start.

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      That it- “rainbow” made of Red, White & Blue on rearing horse.

  • Scott Rinehart

    Not what I envisioned myself, but a huge step up from the heads in a jar.
    Examples of what goes on in my mind for covers I can show you once i find the visual aids.
    As for this though, I can definitely see this being involved with our new improved anthology.
    I think pages of art could be cool if we get more submitted.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Wow that’s an eyesore. Remove the rainbow at least. And Hr God-Emperor looks better in power armor.
    “Liberal’s worst nightmare” needs to be wayyy smaller, TrumpTopia needs to be one word and have more visual flair to that font (beveled edges? Inner glow?).

  • Thomas Davidsmeier

    I think Napoleon by David would be an ideal starting place. Though I’d flip the image so that it looked like Trump was riding into the future.

  • Thomas Davidsmeier

    Here’s how I see that cover looking, with the authors and other info down under the front hooves of the horsey. It could also be a robohorsey, or a robounicorn, but that would take more time and effort than I have free.

  • SamWah

    Works for me!

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