Science Blast! And Sun Trees, too!

Last Science Blast! We looked at Wind Trees. Here are a few designs for Solar Trees that are being tried in various parts of the world:

These Beautiful ‘Solar Trees’ Can Really Spruce Up Your Property

Solar panels designed to look like trees are being pioneered today.

These Beautiful ‘Solar Trees’ Can Really Spruce Up Your Property

Would you believe that one of the most common ‘gripes’ about solar energy is that it’s not aesthetically pleasing? What’s not to love about the glimmer of sunlight catching a polycrystalline panel or a row of homes generating clean, renewable energy for their community? Clearly some folks have never seen the billowing emissions from a coal plant I suppose.

Fortunately, there are several new solar-powered structures taking root all around the world which are sure to enchant even the toughest art critics out there. Taking their inspiration from nature itself, these ‘solar trees’ are both regal and renewable.  More importantly, they’re often providing the much-needed inspiration we all need to live more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lives.

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These are also being used in India.

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