Attack of the CLFA Booknado–New Releases and Book Deals

The Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance is mostly a Facebook group dedicated to writers of a similar ilk banding together against the darkness that is traditional publishing, and all of the various and sundry political filth that has seeped into the vast majority of it. Once a month, they have their “Booknado” … because book bombing sounded goofy? I don’t recall the reasoning anymore. But it’s their collection of new releases and book deals.

 Lion’s Share (Tales of Dunham), by Moriah Jovan

Single mother Blythe had to depend on Finn, her terrifying father-in-law, to pull her through her husband’s death. Six years, countless dinners, kids’ activities, and a successful career later, there is nothing between them but friendship and respect. Nothing at all.


The Fugitive Snare (Matt & Michelle Book 3) by Henry Vogel

Psi Corps wants Matt, the most powerful psychic in generations. He slipped through their fingers twice and escaped beyond the borders of the Terran Federation. But mere laws won’t stop Psi Corps from coming after Matt. Matt & Michelle must destroy Psi Corps or serve them.

Will they be slayers or slaves? There are no other choices.

 The Long Black (The Black Chronicles Book 1) by J.M. Anjewierden

Morgan thought (after escaping the heavy-gravity mines of her homeworld) life as a starship mechanic would be easy, and maybe even fun. That was before the thugs, bureaucracy, bad bosses, unexpectedly having to take care of her friend’s little girl. Then the Space Pirates show up…

Green Sunday by Ryk Brink

When TJ, a small time internet show host with his head in the clouds, met a strange green-haired girl in his secluded mountain town, he thought his luck was changing. Unfortunately, on her heels was a collection of sociopaths determined to destroy his hometown for the benefit of a deepweb gameshow’s cameras.

A zombie comedy book unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

Crossover: Chronicles of Feyree, Scroll 1 (Volume 1).

By Claudia Newcorn

They’re going to get their wings…or die trying.



 Ten Davids, Two Goliaths (A Fallen Empire Novella) by Matthew W. Quinn

A pair of ex-Imperial fighter pilots participate in an ambush of two Imperial cruisers on a training mission. Will the fighters teach the Imperials the same lesson Billy Mitchell taught so long ago, or will the Imperial firepower be too strong?


Doctor to Dragons (Novella) by G. Scott Huggins


The Dark Lord’s favorite dragon is constipated. Dr. James DeGrande, veterinarian and orc-slayer, is going to have to deal with it.…

This one could get messy.


 The Genie Hunt (Spook Hunters Book One) by M.C. Tuggle

Attorney Buddy Vuncannon and his friend Coot Pickard stumble upon a criminal gang that includes a mutual friend and a genie who does the gang’s dirty work.




 Honor at Stake (Love at First Bite Book 1) by Declan Finn.

The Dragon Award Nominated novel. Now $0.99 from now until May 19th. (Usually $4.99)

One is a merciless, bloodthirsty monster.

The other is a vampire.

 The Caliphate (A post-apocalyptic suspense novel) by Anna Erishkigal

What if ISIS controlled America?