Signal Boost: Prospero’s Children trilogy is FINALLY live!

Some of you may have read my original Writer’s Odyssey post, about the long, tangled process of publishing my first series. The series came out from Tor, the first book appearing in 2009.

Alas, the saga does not end there. The original series, then called Prospero’s Daughter, was released with covers that were pretty, but which had very little to do with the book and, worse, gave a wrong impression of what the books are like. My favorite quote on this subject comes from successful indie author Jonathan Moeller, who perfectly encapsulated the impression given by the original covers when he wrote in a review of this series:

I have to admit, the books are not all what I expected. For some reason, I had it in my head that they would be sort of ethereal and bloodless – a woman wasting away in a loveless arranged marriage while pining for the Elf King, that sort of thing. I am pleased to report that I was quite completely wrong. Instead, PROSPERO’S DAUGHTER is a combination between a detective novel and Warhammer 40k.

Perhaps due to this wrong packaging, the books did not sell well. (My editor felt it was the covers that harmed the series. He may have been right, because, years later, I still had people walking up to me and saying how much they enjoyed the first book and would the second book ever come out?–which means they did not see it when it came out with its original cover, which was neither accurate nor interesting to the eye.) Finally, I was able to regain the rights and try again.

This time, the books are coming out from the dynamic and up-and-coming Wordfire Press. The covers are by the same cover artist who does my Books of Unexpected Enlightenment series, Dan Lawlis. Before becoming a commercial artist, Dan used to draw for DC and Marvel.

Originally, I wanted to call the trilogy Prospero’s Children–to emphasize that, while the book is from Miranda’s point of view, the story is about the whole family and, in particular, the relationship between the siblings–Prospero’s children. Tor changed the series title to Prospero’s Daughter so as to include it in a line they called Women in Fantasy. (I was told that they would make an exception and put the series in this line, even though there were no sex scenes.) When Wordfire picked up the trilogy, they graciously agreed to restore the original series title.

So, it is with great delight, that I announce that the Prospero’s Children trilogy is available again…and with covers that reflect the characters and stories!

Shakespeare meets Dante as Miranda races to gather her siblings and rescue her father…from Hell.


Prospero, the exiled sorcerer made famous in William Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest, has endured throughout many centuries. His daughter Miranda runs the family business—Prospero, Inc.—so smoothly that most of modern humanity has no idea that the Prosperos’ magic has protected Earth from repeated disasters. But old Prospero himself has been kidnapped by demons from Hell, and Miranda, aided by her estranged siblings, has followed her father into the depths of the underworld to save him from a certain doom at the hands of vengeful demons.

Time is running out for Miranda, and for the great magician himself, as they battle against the most terrifying forces of the Pit.

“No ordinary urban fantasy, but a treasure trove of nifty ideas and intriguing revelations.”—Publisher’s Weekly on Prospero Lost

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And, right now, you can get the third book, Prospero Regained, along with several other books in this latest Book Bundle.