Caption This! week #10

We’ve all been told bedtime snacks aren’t good for you….. But sometimes people don’t listen. Caption brought to you by: Josh Young


These kittens look like they just had a great fishing trip! I wonder what they are thinking…. comment your answer below!

(And this just goes to show, internet cats were a thing even before the internet.)

  • Lorenzo Fossi

    “Tell us again why you can’t find a job.”

    (Also, it should be Week 10 April)

    • A. M. Freeman

      Ah, thanks. Fixed.

  • Bellomy

    Our revenge for this insult will be sweet.

  • Is this the part where I admit I haven’t actually seen Gremlins?

  • Better than mittens any day!

  • Overgrown Hobbit

    Just stay calm, mittens. The photographer has to sleep SOMETIME.

  • Stephen J.

    I think this should be “Caption This #10” if the count is right.

  • Stephen J.

    “What do you mean, we need a license?!”