Science Blast! Amazon Acquires Giant Mech!

Or, at least, the Owner of Amazon drives one, so watchout world! Here comes Robotech/Power Rangers/Escaflowne, and a million other beloved and frightening (Evangelion) futures:

Watch Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Control a Giant Mech Robo

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got to live out every 6-year-old’s fantasy
when he got behind the controls of a giant “mech” robot.

The Verge reports that Bezos tried out the 13-foot-tall (4 meters) robot yesterday (March 19) at his company’s private Machine Learning, Home Automation, Robotics and Space Exploration (MARS) conference. Video of the bot, developed by Hankook Mirae Technology in South Korea, first surfaced in December in promotional clips. Live Science was skeptical of the robot’s existence and functionality at the time.

But the new video reveals that the robot does, indeed, exist. However, it’s far from clear how much the mech (a term for piloted, humanoid robots) can really do. Bezos flails the arms around using controls in the robot’s torso cockpit, but the robot does not take any steps and is tethered to the ceiling, presumably for safety reasons.

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  • Way cool, but for what can be imagined, not what can be seen. 2 Sci Fi-ish comments: they need to mate the mech concept to the balance/movement stuff Boston Dynamics has worked out. and second, Mechs, at leasdt as ground troops, tend to take me out of the story. They have the Imperial Walker problem: they make no sense whatsoever. We’ll present a nice high target that moves like a man, because what could go wrong? An actual mech would be more like the bat mobile in the Christian Bale Batman movies – low to the ground, low profile, all kinds of different modes of moving. Form-factor wise, cockroaches are harder to kill than men.