Caption This! week #9

Howdy all! The caption wasn’t able to fit on the picture, so it will be above the image.

Congrats to Ben Zwycky! With the caption:

“Are you sure this will work? I’ve never visited the dentist via skype before.”

“I said keep your mouth open and say ‘Ahhh'”

Now, long ago the question was asked, “What does the fox say?”

But now I ask you…. “What does the Dropbear say?????”

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  • I told you not to feed him after midnight.

    • Overgrown Hobbit


  • Ben Zwycky

    World’s #1 adult diaper salesman.

  • Corey

    The Sydney government thought they had seen the last of the nuclear meltdown after they cleaned up the mess.

    They thought wrong.

    • Lorenzo Fossi

      Honestly good but too long…

  • Lorenzo Fossi


  • Stephen J.

    “Oh, very funny, guys, right, ha ha, the old ‘bucket of water on the door top’ gag — I’VE GOT A MEETING IN TWENTY MINUTES! “

  • Stephen J.

    “Now I tag A.M. Freeman for the Bucket of Ice Water Challenge!”

  • Stephen J.

    “Who’s calling me a drip?!”