Superversive Alliance Award Nominees

Superversive SF contributor Jon Del Arroz’s book, Star Realms: Rescue Run, has been nominated for the Realm Makers Alliance Award, a reader’s choice award for Christian speculative fiction. The nomination process was open during the month of March with the top vote-getters being nominated.

The second round of voting cuts the 20 nominees to a top-5, based on a star rating system. In order to ensure that these are real readers voting, voters must give star ratings for at least two of the works, and leave a brief blurb about why they nominated the books as evidence of their readership.

In order to facilitate the readership, Jon Del Arroz has offered to give a free ebook of Star Realms: Rescue Run to anyone who wishes to vote in the second round of this nomination process. This is in conjunction with another nominee, Kia Heavey, a leader in the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance group. Kia’s book, Domino, has also received the nomination, and she is likewise offering free ebooks to anyone who wishes to vote. Both authors endorse each other’s work in the nomination process.

In order to receive Jon’s book, contact him through his blog at, twitter @jondelarroz, @Jon del Arroz or through Facebook messenger: Jon Del Arroz (not on his wall as he is off Facebook for Lent) and he will take your contact info for the free book.

In order to receive Kia’s book, contact her through her blog:, twitter: @KiaHeavey @KiaHeavey or through Facebook messenger Kia Taskos Heavey.