Caption This! week #7

Man, we had some really great ones this week! But this one had to be the best, just because it was so incredibly painful and funny! Thanks a lot for that, Josh Young.

Honorable mention: “It’s the Circle of Deaaaaaaath…”

This week’s photo was picked by one of my brothers, enjoy!


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  • Lorenzo Fossi

    Pinch yourself to wake up.
    Doesn’t work with LSD.

  • Overgrown Hobbit

    Got your nose!

  • Alex Stoutwood

    Caption: “Birdbrain: I saw a snake eating itself once, looked fun”

  • My digestive system is….complicated.

  • Nate Winchester

    Please don’t pick your nose in public.

  • Nate Winchester

    Joe is a real bird brain.

  • Nate Winchester

    I just don’t get modern fashion.

  • Corey

    Martha… That portabella salad you made me… I don’t think those were portabella mushrooms.

    • A. M. Freeman


  • Stephen J.

    “This is what I get for not discussing the beards and the bees.”

  • Stephen J.

    “Taking a Long Hard Look At Myself . . . I Don’t Like What I See”

    • A. M. Freeman


  • Stephen J.

    “In His Younger Days . . . Merlin’s Shapechanging Spells Didn’t Always Work Perfectly”

  • Stephen J.

    “I Always Knew Bob Was a Little Two-Faced”

  • Stephen J.

    “We Must Race the Race So — We Can Face the Face”

  • Stephen J.

    And one for the classic SF fans:

    “For The Last Time, I am NOT a Pierson’s Puppeteer!”

  • Stephen J.

    And one for certain high-minded social advocates:

    “I Can’t Believe You Won’t Accept My Bifaciality! Visageophobe!”