Signal Boost: Beyond the Mist

A novel by Superversive’s own Ben Zwycky — Foreward by John C. Wright

Am I falling or flying? Powerless or mighty? Imprisoned or free?

I have nothing: no possessions, no memories, no reference points or even solid ground to stand on; just falling (or is it flying?) through an endless mist. A voice beside me says this is the last free space in a world of slavery and suffering; another that it’s a self-imposed prison from a world of beauty and adventure. Who should I believe? What is waiting for me out there?

I make my choice and begin to discover what lies beyond the mist.

“Like a science fictional Pilgrim’s Progress.” – D. G. D. Davidson, Sci-Fi Catholic

“This is the journey where a man solves his greatest mystery: himself.” – David Hallquist, author of “The Quantum Process”.

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