• jwrennie

    Yay i know my dad … sorry Ani

  • “I hate watching them do that. You know they always miss.”

  • Corey

    “And here we see the stormtrooper in its natural habitat, raising its larval young.”

    • Mrs. Wright


  • Alex Stoutwood

    Caption: “Those WERE the droids you were looking for. You’ve failed me for the last time, Stormtrooper. Clone Trooper, you’re NOT in command now, but at least you’re still breathing.”

  • Bellomy

    “It’s the Circle of Deaaaaaaath…”

  • Mrs. Wright

    “Obey me, or I will levitate your son!”

  • Nate Winchester

    “You’re not my real dad!”

  • Nate Winchester

    “Very funny, Vader. Now let my son back down.”

  • Nate Winchester

    “Hey, Kylo. Where’s your granddad?”

    “. . .
    I hate both of you.”