Clearing Up Misconceptions

Looking through some of the links that have been popping up on Superversive SF lately, I feel like I might be coming off the wrong way to people. Let me try and clear things up.

Here’s the thing: The whole pulp revolution v. Superversive movement/genre debate thing? This is all fun to me. I love discussing and analyzing this stuff. It’s interesting. I get to read interesting things, talk with interesting people, and get into fun conversations with folks I have a lot of respect for.

So far, nothing I’ve written has been meanspirited. If it’s come off that way, believe me, it was unintentional – and anyway, considering how charged the whole pulp rev atmosphere tends to be I don’t even really think I’m on the more extreme end.

Anyway, the moral of the story is this: I’m not angry or upset with anyone when I write those posts unless I explicitly spell it out. Otherwise, as far as I’m concerned this has been a blast, and I hope that’s the spirit in which my posts are taken.