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    Sorry I totally screwed up setting the time for this!

  • william Lehman

    I would like to submit my works for the superversive list. Harvest of Evil, and Keeping the Faith. They’re Urban Fantasy (or if you would listen to Declan, Rural Fantasy as most of the stories take place out in the National forests, with occasional forays into the city.) Our hero is a retired SEAL who now works as a Federal park service police officer. The messages are ones of patriotism, right and wrong, and how to deal with the grey parts in between, taking care of the people that took care of you, and love of nation. Yes, there are women heros right alongside male heros, no one is a token. If the character is an Amerind (Our hero’s love interest) it’s because that’s a necessary part of the plot, not because “I’ve got to have my token indian woman”, and the bad guy in the first one is also an Indian woman.